Sports Bras
Our custom-fit bras were designed as sports bras. Keep your figure with no more bouncing!
Sports Minded: When a woman is active in sports, the breast tissue will be subjected to a great deal of movement. The proper bra will counteract the effects motion plays upon the stretching of delicate bust tissue.

As you get in shape, don't let your bust lose its shape!

Can you pass the Bra Fitness Test?

Run in place wearing a regular bra. If your bust tissue bounces, you don't have support.

Execise Experts State:

  • Your bust needs support as it has no muscle!
  • Your bust and body should move together.
  • Gravity and motion will stretch the delicate bust tissue if not supported.

Every woman in all phases of her life needs:

  • Her bust supported from underneath...not suspended from shoulders. For example: elasticized straps do not give support.
  • Wires should not be worn as they only shape the cup...not support the bust.

Built-in breathable light-weight Banderin that creates a shelf type support.

  • Positions bust tissue properly to allow circulation.
  • Each cup is separately divided and individually supported for better BOUNCE CONTROL.

You pass the Fitness Test! When you wear this Bra...You'll be feeling better in no time.

Isn't that what fitness is all about?

Sports Bra